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Testimonials - In so many words.

Some of our customers were eager to share their project experience(s) with the community. Many have voluntarily completed a survey. We appreciate all of the feedback! The brown arrows will bring you back to this navigation menu.

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Beck, Leon (Spotsylvania, Virginia) Alan did a great job working with me and I really appreciate the financing. The crew was professional and went over and above to ensure my satisfaction. I will highly recommend Roof Works! Thanks.

Bovee, William (Spotsylvania, Virginia) Really great job!!!

Bowden, John (Stafford, Virginia) ) We want to thank your foreman and workers who did our roof. The foreman came in regularly to explain what they were doing and see if we were satisfied. I would recommend the foreman and his crew to anyone. The job was done quicker than we expected. The workers were professional, no loud music, no foul talking. Thank you.

Brown, JC (King George, Virginia) The communications with Mr. Alan Jones were most positive and influenced my decision to use Roof Works.

Bunn, Jeff (Spotsylvania, Virginia) ) The professionalism shown by Alan Jones throughout the entire project was good. Alan was always courteous, prompt, and expressed genuine concern for our satisfaction in the work. Thanks Alan!

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Caldwell, Joe (Spotsylvania, Virginia) Great job!

Clear, Jesse (Spotsylvania, Virginia) We're pleased well beyond expectations with this performance contract. Alan's estimate was comprehensive, competitive, and transparent. Pete and his roofing crew-- from teardown, through installation, through final detailing and cleanup-- operate at world-class level. They work both fast and smart with no wasted motion. Likewise, Tim's sun tunnel installation and the guttering crew's metalwork artistry were impressive. Finally, management, which orchestrates these logistics and obviously motivates these crews, deserves praise.

Crossman, Lisa (Spotsylvania, Virginia) Clean up was very good. Workers continued after dark which may not be conductive to quality- no issues noted though.

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Davis, Robert (Graves Mill, Virginia) Great work on the roof-- it all looks terrific, and if anyone else down your way needs roofing work, we will surely recommend you!

Dean, James (Stafford, Virginia) We love our new roof- our modest house now has "pop". Glad we upgraded the shingles. Office rep (Mary) very helpful!

Dombrowski, Larry (Stafford, Virginia) Not the cheapest company, but far exceeds the quality of others. I would highly recommend Roof Works to others.

Donaty Sr, Rick (Stafford, Virginia) Wonderful job! Very pleasant conversations on phone, very professional. Cost and materials were very much an issue. Thanks so much.

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Ely, Brenda (Spotsylvania, Virginia) Very satisfied. Have already recommended you to Amanda Miller

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Faught, Francis (Stafford, Virginia) The three men who did the roofing were dedicated (hard) workers. One day I saw them break for lunch at 3PM. I think that was unusual.

Felhoelter, Eileen (Stafford, Virginia) Alan was great at explaining the roofing materials used and making the process easy. John was great keeping me informed of delay due to weather and the crew did an amazing job quickly and so clearly. They even re-roofed my doghouse. Thanks so much!

Firth, Fred (Stafford, Virginia) My thanks to all at Roof Works of Virginia for a job well done.

Francis, Dawn (Stafford, Virginia) Great roof, fantastic customer service, and a willingness to work with us were hallmarks of your company's operation. Thanks!

Frazier, Beverly (Spotsylvania, Virginia) I was very pleased with every one I came into contact with during my roofing experience. Alan did a great job estimating. Anthony did a wonderful job as Field Supervisor. And the Crew who did the work worked hard and did a great job, more than any I have had working for me in quite a while. Thanks Roof Works!!

French, Terry (Spotsylvania, Virginia) Excellent Job! Thanks for the quick response. And timely completion.

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Gregory, Nichole (Spotsylvania, Virginia) 3 Alan was very nice and took time to explain everything thoroughly
Grove Baptist Church Fauquier, Virginia Thank you. God Bless.

Grumko, John (Spotsylvania, Virginia) Very happy with the service provided by Alan.

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Heartwell, Allison (Stafford, Virginia) Have referred your company to others

Hohl, Barry (Spotsylvania, Virginia) We were impressed with Mr. Jones

Huckabay, Deborah (Orange, Virginia) Great job- Great people- Fair price!

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Ilk, Joe (Spotsylvania, Virginia) I'll know in the next could of years if you did a quality job and have a quality product

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Jarman, Deborah (Spotsylvania, Virginia) Thank you.

Jeffers, Brad (Stafford, Virginia) . I had a problem with a leak after installation and your service crew was on-board within 2 hours of calling. To date, I am very pleased with how you handle issues following install. Thanks.

Jenkins, Todd (Louisa, Virginia) We had several problems occur on our job and we've been happy with the quick response by Alan to try to rectify the problems.

John, Beth (Ruther Glen, Virginia) When I called Roof Works, it was following a major storm that caused a lot of damage in the area. I expected to wait for someone to call me back, and then wait again for an estimate. Alan Jones called me back the next day, and set up an estimate right away. He arrived on time (!) , and did the estimate in the rain. As a young woman, I am always concerned about inviting strangers into my home- Alan's professional manner set me at ease. He also took the time to learn what my personal level of knowledge with roofing/construction was so that he didn't talk down to me or talk too technical for me to understand. Trust me when I tell you that as a woman I have had a disproportionate number of conversations where sales people either treated me like a child or tried to wow me with techno babble. He explained the current state of my roof and what options I had long term, short term, and budget. The level of respect and professionalism Alan showed me determined how many other estimates I would get before making a decision- none.

Several months passed before I had the funds available to get the roof replaced. I expected to have to explain everything all over again, but Alan was able to pull up my estimate and remembered who I was, set up a time for getting the work done. He patiently answered all my additional questions and got a color sample book to me after I lost the first one. He communicated each step and any time constraints during the process. When I called back to finalize the work date, he was able to move me weeks ahead of the original schedule. Considering I had a hole in my roof, and the worst of the winter weather was still to come, I was overjoyed. On the occasions when I spoke with anyone else, I was impressed by the professional and personable service I consistently received. I am sorry I didn't get more names because they certainly deserve the recognition as well.

As for the actual work, I was very impressed. When I left for work, I had a bad roof, complete with a big blue tarp and cinder blocks. When I got home, I had a brand new roof, no debris, no damage to my property. How cool is that?! I would definitely recommend your company to anyone looking to have work done to their roof. Thank you for a job well done.

Johnson, Anne (Spotsylvania, Virginia) Roof Works has been added to my office CENTURY 21 New Millennium Preferred Vendor list.

Johnston, Margaret (Fredericksburg, Virginia) Thank you for your quality work.

Jones, Alicia (Spotsylvania, Virginia) The color was wrong, a mistake was made. Roof Works handled the mistake in a professional manner. I would highly recommend your company to others. How a company handles adversity is the true make of a good company. Thank you.

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Kendall, Charles (Stafford, Virginia) Have had many favorable comments about my roof; some are thinking about having roof work done. You were highly recommended.

Kennedy, John (Mechanicsville, Virginia )Couldn't have had a better crew doing the work.

King, Sarah (Spotsylvania, Virginia) Thanks so much <

Kowalski, Chris (Stafford, Virginia) Your company's professionalism far exceeded by expectations and hopes. Your estimator Alan was extremely polite, knowledgeable, and hopes. Your crew was very professional, understood the specialized problems of my roof, worked fast, and cleaned up so well that I couldn't find one torn shingle on the ground, A+ job. You've raised the bar for all other roofing companies in the area. Thank you.

Kuzma, Robert (Stafford, Virginia) Our new roof looks fantastic! I did experience some unreturned phone calls, or phone calls during which I wasn't provided the needed information.

Kwiatkowski, David (Stafford, Virginia) I have dealt with other companies and was not satisfied with the results. I am very satisfied with Roof Works and all their employees. Mr. Alan Jones presented himself and Roof Works in a professional and honest way. Thank you.

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Lang, Larry (Locust Grove, Virginia) The finished roof looks great. The job was finished in one day and when your employees left, the property was left as clean as before they arrived. No one could tell that they were here except for the new roof. Everyone was very professional and courteous.

Langaas, Sherry (Stafford, Virginia) The guys were great. Thank you!

Linthicum, Tim (Stafford, Virginia) Nice job!!

Lockwood, John (Spotsylvania, Virginia) Great job. Looks great. No more leaks.

Lumb, James (Spotsylvania, Virginia) Alan represents your company very well. He's articulate and honest.

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Mackison, Brian (Culpeper, Virginia) We are very satisfied with all work that was done. We were very satisfied with all work done, the quality of work done, and the cleanliness of everything afterward. We would very highly recommend Roof Works to others.

Madagan, Angela (Gordonsville, Virginia) My new roof and gutters look wonderful! Much appreciation for a job well done! Thank you and God Bless!

Malberg, Adam (King George, Virginia) Your workers were friendly and helpful and we would like to thank you for your hard work.

Marut, John (Spotsylvania, Virginia) Proposal was timely and contained all information needed to make a decision

Mata-hitz, Janet (Fredericksburg, Virginia) I am very pleased with how the roof looks. I was very impressed with the crew that did the work- they were very focused and worked hard. Alan did a great job representing Roof Works, and both he and Pete were very responsive and pleasant.

Metheny, Don (Fredericksburg, Virginia) ) Very professional estimate and work. Completely satisfied

Myers, Darrell (King George, Virginia) Great job, prompt service. Thank you.

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Payne, Aubrey (Stafford, Virginia) All work was accomplished as agreed without having to nag supervisors, workers, or other parties

Pruden, Jean (Spotsylvania, Virginia) What a pleasure to have called Roof Works for a job I was not looking forward to. Alan is a professional and very polite and shows caring in helping me make a decision. The supervisor, the workers all were courteous, did not waste time and the timely manner in which this job was done was outstanding. Also the managers of Roof Works most certainly deserve recognition as well.

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Roeske, Lance (Spotsylvania, Virginia) Terrific job- friendly workers. Would recommend to everyone!!

Rupp, Ingo (Stafford, Virginia) I was very happy with the work and the crew. The experience was excellent. I will recommend Roof Works.

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Sanford, Monk (Gordonsville, Virginia) I like the gentleman that came to talk to us (Alan Jones) and I liked the product and the details of the contract. I am a very pleased customer! Thank you.

Schleigh, Betty (Stafford, Virginia) 100% satisfied with all aspects of the job. Very pleased.

Schooler, Ben (Stafford, Virginia) We are very happy with our new roof. We get many compliments from our family, friends, and neighbors.

Schran, Bill (Stafford, Virginia) Roof installation completed on time in a very professional manner. Would recommend Roof Works without reservation.

Sexton, Mike (Spotsylvania, Virginia) Thank you for completing our roof when the weather didn't cooperate. ALL the employees at our home were courteous and respectful.

Shirk, Don (Stafford, Virginia) Will continue to provide highest recommendation. Alan and crew were excellent and thoroughly professional.

Shultz, Katrina (Spotsylvania, Virginia) I was impressed with you quickly and efficiently the crew worked on replacing my roof. They finished by lunch and there was no sign of them having been at my home; no debris or clean-up necessary after they left.

Slusarz, Valerie (Stafford, Virginia) Roof looks great.

Smith, Charles (Mechanicsville, Virginia ) The men working on my house were the hardest working men I have seen in a long time. You need to take good care of these men. Men that work like them are hard to find. Thanks.

Snellings, Lynwood (Spotsylvania, Virginia) Quick response. Professional work force.

Stegall, Joshua (King George, Virginia) I felt good about Roof Works because everything was laid out in front of me and there were no misunderstanding

Swanson, Kristen (Spotsylvania, Virginia) Estimate was timely and exact. Above and beyond information, time considerations, and care to my property was given. The workers were SO courteous to my family, especially our over excited dog, Jack. I would recommend Roof Works to any and all who would need this type of service. My experience with this company was nothing short of A+. Thanks!

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Terrini, William (Stafford, Virginia) Thank you. Great job.

Thurston, Bruce (Louisa, Virginia) A job well done!

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Weber, Brandy (King George, Virginia) Very happy with Roof Works.

Weppner, Daniel (Stafford, Virginia) We were extremely pleased with the speed and accuracy of the work done. The work crew worked very fast but never at a loss of performance or quality of completed job. They also cleaned up everything- our yard and driveway looked fantastic. The roof also looks fantastic. Love the color. Alan did an excellent job of explaining everything also.

Wheeland, Corey (Spotsylvania, Virginia) Great job! I'll use your services on future projects.

Whitley, Roberta (Stafford, Virginia) They all worked very hard and were very courteous. Thanks for a great job!

Williams, Gary (Spotsylvania, Virginia) Thank you for a good job.

Williams, Ron (Stafford, Virginia) We loved the honesty and knowledge of Alan when he came out!! Excellent service and will continue to recommend you!!

Wilson, Otis (Locust Grove, Virginia) Wonderful salesman

Wright, Vesha (Stafford, Virginia) Professionalism during initial interview and presentation I love the roof and think the job was done well. Great job!

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Zambalis, Michael (Bumpass, Virginia) It was a pleasure having your company handling the very important job! We are very impressed with the new roof and workers. They were wonderful, hard working, and courteous at all times. We would be very happy to recommend for others and several neighbors have stopped by, called, and e-mailed about the workmanship and we have given cards for future. The workers came on time and often earlier and worked very hard, doing the new roof and cleaning after the day. They all were very aware of our property, lawn, etc. We would recommend any time.


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